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We stripped down the political ads in 2012 to see what was behind them. We're at it again for 2016.

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  Our Story

The U.S. presidential election is two things: insane, and insanely important. In 2012, nearly $3 billion was spent by the two major candidates and more than 1,200 Super PACs. In 2016, that number may top $5 billion.

Much of that money is spent on TV and online video ads. Those ads are meant to influence us, the voters. But what is behind those ads?

How can we take control of the ads, and not let the ads control us?

In 2012, we launched Super PAC App to bring transparency to the TV ads. Users could identify presidential TV ads in real-time. The app told users who and how much money was behind the ads, and whether the claims of the ads were based on facts. Users responded, sending Super PAC App to #1 in its App Store category.

Right now, we're working on a new app for 2016. We're doing this because it's important that we, the people, stay in control of the political process - no matter how many ads or how much money tries to spin us around. This election will be insane, and insanely important.

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