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Priorities USA Action. Restore Our Future. American Bridge 21st Century. American Crossroads. This string of vague and ambiguous words is the fine print that lurks behind the 2012 U.S. presidential election: the names of Super PACs.


In 2012, over $833 million was contributed to over 1,270 Super PACs, much of that money spent on TV ads. So what exactly are all those ads trying to tell us?


With Super PAC App, viewers can find out with ease. While watching a political TV ad, a user can hold up her phone to identify the commercial and receive objective, third-party information. Super PAC App allows the user to rate the ad, while understanding who and how much money is behind the ad, what claims the ad is making, and whether those claims are based on facts.


Super PAC App is a simple way for you, the voter, to bring transparency to the 2012 presidential campaign.

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